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The United States has a strong work reputation, safe work environments, and internship opportunities in almost every sector, from film production to scientific research. Interning in the United States will look incredible on a CV or resume after graduation, give you a chance to perfect your English skills, and build a powerful professional network. People from other countries often find American’s friendly and personal demeanor off setting, but after completing an internship in the United States, you’ll understand why Americans are so happy.

#1 Advanced Skills in Your Industry

The United States is an entrepreneurial powerhouse, which means that the trends for many industries are set here. If you want to learn the newest, most cutting edge techniques and work with professionals at the top of their game, the U.S. is the best place to do that. You can have professional experiences here you can’t have anywhere else!

#2 American Business Culture

One of the reasons why the U.S. is a trendsetter in many industries is because of the unique business culture that encourages innovation. Interns often comment on the inspirational environment that encourages the sharing of ideas, and they tell us they intend to continue using these techniques as they progress in their careers.

#3 English Language and Intercultural Communication

Working in an English-language environment is an important aspect of your internship program, as English is the global language of many industries. However, the language itself is not enough. Learning widepsread American standards and American cultural skills will make you stand out and truly ready to engage in the global sphere.

#4 Personal Growth

Some of the most important skills you’ll learn won’t be the ones you list on your CV. Living abroad and navigating a new culture gives you the tools to make the most of your life no matter where your career path takes you. Our alumni report that they are more confident, know what they want to do, and are able to take any situation in their stride.