5 Reasons to Consider Summer Internships in the UK

Deciding to undertake an internship abroad? Good for you! And we know just the place. Every year thousands of students flock to the isle to find internships in the UK that will prepare them for a career in the professional world. So, why head to Great Britain to land internships?
UK or bust. Luckily for you, we have the answers.

1. It’s a major hub for international businesses of all kinds.

There is a reason why people loop London with New York and Hong Kong. With towering skyscrapers that rival buildings you will find in only the most modern cities across the globe, London is a prime destination for businesses from around the world, and consequently a great place to intern abroad. Even organizations that you would think have no relevancy in the UK, such as the National Football League, are finding a comfortable new home and happily thriving. Though perhaps you want to find something more traditionally British and intern in the UK at Parliament to prepare yourself for a career in politics.

2. Internships in the UK look darn good on a resume.

Let’s get to the real reason most of us are considering an internship abroad at all: you want to find a good job in the career field of your choice. But, with more people graduating college than ever before, having a degree and no practical work experience is simply not enough. Nothing looks better on a resume than foreign business experience, so you can get an edge up on the competition by showing potential employers that you are confident doing business in unfamiliar environments, cultures, languages, climates, the list goes on.
The UK is especially great for this because of the close business relationships that many American based companies have with the UK. Internships in the UK show that you are no stranger to America’s friends across the Atlantic, and international experience is bound to impress any company you apply to. And another major perk: everyone speaks English!

3. It will broaden your view of the world.

It is hard to get a picture of just how big and grand the world really is if you stay in your comfort zone your whole life. By pursuing an internship in the UK, you will step out of this comfort zone and enter a new world filled with new experiences and new places just waiting to be discovered! 
You may experience a bit of a culture shock, but in immersing yourself completely, you’ll gain a better sense of where you stand in the international community and potentially hint at what role you will play on the grand stage of life—all while on your “summer” vacation!

4. Summer UK internships will help you make new personal and professional business connections.

In the fast paced business world, sometimes it all boils down to who you know. During an internship in the UK you will have plenty of opportunities to meet people in your field and make lasting connections which have the potential to have a large impact on your future career. The more people you connect with, the more people you can call upon to aid you in the future, whether it be in the form of a simple reference on a resume or an offer for a new employment opportunity.
Even relationships not based on business can be enjoyed, as traveling abroad gives you the opportunity to make new lasting friends and meet people that have similar interests as you.

5. It will introduce you to a rich, diverse culture.

Relatively speaking, the United States is still a fledgling nation, especially compared to England whose culture is over 1000 years in the making. Internships in the UK will allow you to steep yourself in British culture and experience all it has to offer.
You will have such popular destinations and landmarks as Big Ben and Stonehenge at your fingertips, but even something as simple as stepping inside an English pub on the streets of London can be a totally new experience for someone unfamiliar with the country, and that is just the start. You’ll discover the pleasures of a simple cup of Earl Grey tea served at high tea, go big and attend a fierce rugby game at the legendary Wembley Stadium (just don’t compare it to football), and try authentic fish and chips (not the imitation that most American bars serve). And while we are on the topic of food.

6. It will give you a real taste of the local (largely international) cuisine.

Delicious and glorious food! The home of such famous chefs as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Gary Rhodes, the UK is known around the world for producing some of the best chefs and cuisine known to mankind! Delight your palate with the authentic and legendary Full English Breakfast, comprised of eggs, bacon, sausage, pudding, hash browns, toast, mushrooms, baked beans, and tomatoes (and that is the bare minimum!). You will most definitely expand your cultural horizons and taste buds during an internship in the UK !