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Guidance for Intern Malaysia with Students Participating in International Travel or Study Abroad Programs

This guidance is for Intern Malaysia with international travel or study abroad programs.

Consider postponing or canceling student international travel programs

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, Intern Malaysia should consider postponing or canceling upcoming student international travel programs. Those overseeing student international travel programs should be aware that students may face unpredictable circumstances, such as travel restrictions, challenges returning home, and challenges accessing health care while abroad.


If you choose to continue student international travel programs, they should  evaluate the risks in the host country by checking CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Health Notices by UN and local Govt Health Ministry.

As in normal situations we advice of every student should take our following tips and suggestions into their notice before they planning for abroad 

How young is too young when it comes to world travel?

Is it really a good idea for teens and twenty-somethings to pack-up and leave home to study abroad or take a gap year? Our answer?

Yes. Whether it’s to be a semester abroad with your university, an international internship, voluntourism program in developing countries, or independent travel, timing is key, and we think our personal travel consultant Aurelie Noyer says it best:

At Intern Malaysia, we believe that travel is a vital part of education for everyone, no matter their age. We know there’s simply no substitute for getting to know the world and its people and places first-hand. That’s why we think students who want to travel should take any travel opportunities they’re presented with into serious consideration – and parents should support them.

Traveling as a student presents its own challenges, but people on our team have been there, and they’d like to help. Here are some of their best tips for students planning to spend some time abroad