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PR and marketing jobs are the most popular sought after jobs for freshly graduated young professionals in Asia. The marketing industry is extremely competitive, so it’s important to stand out compared to other applicants. A great way to do that is with an international marketing internship in Asia.

As a PR & marketing intern in Asia, you will be responsible for various tasks which include writing press releases, representing clients at events, contacting media outlets, attending miscellaneous events, and a lot more. This business sector immediately gets your foot in the door, and while working in Asia, your professional network will grow immensely.

Your international internship in PR & Marketing through Intern Malaysia will be perfectly suited for you based on your requirements and specifications. With our extensive network of startups, SMEs, and large corporate companies in Asia, we are sure to find the perfect company for you.

Past Intern Malaysia PR & Marketing interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:

  • Evaluate marketing campaigns and monitor competitor activities.
  • Carrying out market research and customer surveys to assess demand, brand positioning, and awareness.
  • Managing the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, and flyers that involve writing and proofreading, and liaising with graphic designers.
  • Managing digital budget and optimizing campaigns to reach the revenue targets.
  • Initiating ideas to develop campaigns for new products and services.
  • Note that all Intern Malaysia interns are given a personal supervisor who will train, monitor and guide you throughout your international internship experience.

Internship tasks will vary from company to company, as well as intern to intern. These are only examples of tasks that were carried out from previous interns.

Depending on their internship requirements and the available internship positions in our partner companies, prospective interns may work in any of the following (or other) disciplines during their marketing & PR internship with AIP:

Media Relations: just as the name suggests, media relations involves dealing with the media. Specifically, a professional tasked with a company’s media relations prepares press conferences, writes speeches, contacts media outlets to schedule interviews, grants press conferences, and does several other things, with the aim of creating positive coverage, maintaining relationships and preserving a company’s image or reputation.
Digital Marketing: while public relations tends to focus on enhancing or sustaining an organization’s relationships with the public, digital marketing is all about the use of relevant digital tools such as Google AdWords to design for businesses, marketing campaigns centered on SEO, paid searches, email newsletters, mobile devices, etc.
Social Media: through social media marketing, businesses generate leads and boost brand awareness. But social media is not just good for marketing; because it’s a place where a company’s interactions with any given customer are public, social media gives companies the chance/a platform to showcase their nice side to the world and control how their business is perceived. Thus, social media possesses significant PR potential, too.

An internship in PR & Marketing serves to bring whatever you may have learned in school to real life. In other words, no matter how good your education may have been, an MCS PR & Marketing internship provides you with real-life, hands-on experience to complement it with.

For instance, during your internship you will have the opportunity to write a press release for an actual client and for an actual event; you will also get to work on an actual business’s marketing campaign – something that is not done in the classroom.

During your International internship in PR & Marketing, you will have the opportunity to develop and fine-tune several relevant skills, among which is the ability to write and speak persuasively, convincingly and confidently – important skills for a PR & Marketing professional. You will also be able to network and build a portfolio.

Given the rise of social media in recent years and the advantages businesses enjoy from it, employers are always on the lookout for PR & Marketing job seekers who can use social media effectively.

Our PR & Marketing internship programs will increase your proficiency in using social media to market and promote a business, thereby significantly raising your chances of getting a lucrative job after your internship.

Since the field of PR & marketing is a vast one, an internship will give you the chance to figure out your strengths and weaknesses in its different disciplines, as well as what you like and what you don’t like about the job, so that you can choose the career direction you are most comfortable with within the field.

Is there a high demand for young professionals skilled in PR & marketing? You bet there is! In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the number of jobs for PR specialists was predicted to grow by 12% between 2012 and 2022; and, expectedly, these opportunities are more accessible to graduates with internship or other work-related experience.

Organizations always strive to emphasize community outreach and customer relations in order to enhance or preserve their visibility and reputation.

Because news, particularly bad ones, have a way of spreading fast, especially on the internet, and because public opinion can be volatile, companies always need skilled PR specialists who can effectively manage their organization’s reputation and public image. They also need professionals who can create/sustain public awareness about their company, as well as market their products and services.

It is no surprise then that there is a significant variety of careers available today to a PR & marketing professional in various sectors, and the job market in this field looks very promising.