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Terms and Conditions of Appointment

Version: December 2020

A) This document sets out the mutual and other obligations that inform the contractual agreement between Mentor Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd. (Business License No. 1371469-D) and its Group of Companies, hereafter called as MENTOR / Intern Malaysia and the Client (s), for the immigration and placement application matter referred to in the agreement policy.
B) The Code of conduct for our Migration and Products-Services, with our clients/agents/representatives requires that the terms of the contractual agreement between MENTOR / Intern Malaysia and the client be set out in writing. MENTOR / Intern Malaysia and the client agree that the code of conduct for migration agents form part of the overall
C) The Code of Conduct requires that the client be provided with a copy of the Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession and Products and Services Profession too. And the client specifically agrees that he/she has been provided with this document prior to commencement of any services by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia.

Definitions :

“We”, “our” or “us” ” MENTOR ” shall mean MENTOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES SDN BHD., a registered company in Malaysia, and INTERN MALAYSIA a Division of MENTOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES SDN BHD. whose principal place of business and address for service @ #SUITE 11.05, 11TH Floor, Menara K1, Off Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and shall include all directors, employees, agents and sub contractors of MENTOR / Intern Malaysia.

“The client” shall mean the main applicant for the visa and all dependents included in that application, as well as any sponsor where 
“Application” shall mean the provision of advice, preparation and submission of any documents, material or verbal statements howsoever transmitted to the intended recipient and made in respect of any immigration benefit or employment authorization, including but not being limited to work permits, visas applications for leave to remain, reviews, occupations assessments, business plans, business agreements, employment offer/service agreements, petition approvals, landing rights, changes or adjustments of status, naturalization and citizenship, which benefit or authorization may be conferred by any government in the World.

“Fees” shall mean any sums due to us for services rendered plus any taxation or other Local Governments fee, levy or penalty applicable thereto, including but not being limited to GST and related Service Taxes if any, by the time. 

“Work” is described in our assessment report or as per instruction from you and includes: mail or telephone costs, handing you guides, instructions, checklists and forms in any manner whether electronically or in hard copy; consultations with you in person, by phone, by email or in the client area; administrative costs; advice and related administrative services.

“Payments” all payments made by you are first assigned to MENTOR / Intern Malaysia professional fees and charges, then towards general expenses, mail, 3rd party and similar costs, then towards skills assessment charges payable to skills assessment authorities (if applicable), towards business plans (if applicable) then towards DIMA application charges which shall be the last or final part of any payment made to MENTOR / Intern Malaysia.

[ I ] Engagement :

1) By instructing us (whether in writing or by appointing MENTOR / Intern Malaysia online in your client area or sent an email to Us) to make an application or to advise you or to represent you in any Immigration matter, and about Products and Services you accept and agree to abide by these terms. You agree also to abide by these terms when this document is handed, sent or given to you in any format whether electronic by email or fax or by mail or when requested by you either in person, or electronically regardless of the presence of any signature to this document. The agreement is with Mentor Info. Solutions Group of Companies.

2) The Migration advice and Products-Services will be performed by registered migration agents who are nominees, sub contractors or employees of MENTOR / Intern Malaysia. The client specifically agrees that MENTOR / Intern Malaysia may cede and/or transfer all rights and obligations of this agreement and appointment (partly or in its entirety) by the client to any other company or agent as nominated by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia on 7 days notice to the client.

3) You specifically agree that MENTOR / Intern Malaysia may nominate or appoint any registered/authorized agent to act on your behalf for the application. You further agree that the appointed or nominated agent shall be the agent responsible to meet his or her obligations in terms of the requirements of the concerned Governing Laws.

4)Immediately upon instructing us to make an application you undertake to forward to us a sum equal to 50% (fifty percent) of the total fees and estimated costs (or a different amount if so agreed by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia in writing) as notified to you in respect of that application, and further you agree and accept that we are under no obligation to commence or undertake any work in respect of that application or provision of advice until such sum as required by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia has been received by us.

[ II ] Payments & Costs:

1) You undertake to forward to us any sum required by us in respect of disbursements incurred or likely to be incurred in respect of your application immediately upon our requesting such payment. You agree that you will be liable for and will make payment on demand for 

1.1) The full estimated cost of the application as indicated in your assessment or advice or quotation received from MENTOR / Intern Malaysia

1.2) The fees, costs and disbursements are quoted NET in Malaysian Ringgit or Indian Rupee and or we accept in USD the client’s account shall be debited and credited in RM or USD or INR. The client is liable for all banking charges, exchange rate fluctuations and any other costs incurred in making payment in RM to MENTOR Consultants.

1.3) Non visa specific advice and services provided by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia whether by email, fax, phone or in personal consultations as per the MENTOR / Intern Malaysia ad hoc services rates.

1.4) MENTOR / Intern Malaysia hourly fees or the stated MENTOR / Intern Malaysia total service fee for the specific matter for all disbursements, statutory charges, DIMA fees and courier costs as and when requested by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia. The stated rates herein specifically include only rates, fees and costs (as stated) in relation to the file number and visa application for the subclass mentioned herein.

1.5) GMT or any tax or statutory rate increase (that may be implemented, charged or levied subsequent to the date this document was issued to the client) including increases in lodgment fees as charged by DIMA, disbursement fees, reviews, bank or transaction costs and ad hoc services requested and any other statutory fees and costs.

1.6) Full service rates: The full service rate is fixed and will not be increased by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia unless; the department of immigration increases any visa application charge before the application is lodged, and/or, any statutory authority increases their costs before such application is lodged, and/or should a cost (as described below) be necessitated. The client/applicant agrees to pay on demand on of the increases mentioned above, or for any of the charges mentioned below (which are explicitly excluded from the full service fee.

1.7) You accept that in relation to our performance of our contract with you, we may charge additional fees for services which may be rendered, which may not have been anticipated by us and may be necessary to better perform our contractual obligations to you. Such services including but not being limited to the obtaining of entry clearance, visas, extended or amended leave to remain, further advice for or relating to the principal beneficiary of any application hereunder or any relatives thereof, business plans and proposals, state sponsorships or additional application procedures, such additional fees to be agreed in advance wherever possible but in the absence of such agreement to be determined by us in our sole discretion.

1.8) Additional costs not included in the full service rates 
1.8a) Courier costs of medical forms and/or other direct requests from the department to the client must be paid by the client

1.8b) Courier or mail costs of the client file to the client by MENTOR / Intern Malaysia or any package or document sent by the client to MENTOR / Intern Malaysia

1.8c) Any medical, state police clearance or federal police clearance costs

1.8d) Review costs (from 3rd party authorities and MENTOR / Intern Malaysia fees and charges) are payable by the client in full (for visa applications and/or skills assessments)

1.8e) Costs of certification of documents

1.8f) Costs for filling forms for the client where the client has been given the form to fill and sends a blank or incomplete form to MENTOR / Intern Malaysia

1.8g) Any other charge agreed by the client as payable in addition to the full service fee in advance of any request for payment by MENTOR. 

1.8h) MENTOR / Intern Malaysia fees and charges as detailed in your assessment report do NOT include any charges or fees for work which may be required to be carried out if: the Immigration matter or Products-Services are unsuccessful, or the client alters the instructions to MENTOR / Intern Malaysia, or  Information comes to hand after the work has started which would impact on the level of effort required of MENTOR / Intern Malaysia that would thereafter be required to complete the work. 


You undertake to pay on invoice any fee including all disbursements within 7 days of issue of our invoice / Visa Approvals in respect thereof, breach of this term entitling us to charge you interest on such overdue sums at a rate of 5% per month, calculated monthly on a compound basis.