Intern Malaysia Program is a professional internship placement provider, committed to creating the ideal internship experience for you. Recognize our program as an investment to further develop yourself personally and professionally, which can be highly valuable for your future career success.

So you’ve possibly decided on a destination that you want to go to, and an internship career field that you would like to pursue. Here you will find the packages that we offer to make your internship experience even more enjoyable. All of our packages include a customized internship placement, visa assistance, and 24/7 emergency assistance. Below you will see all of the other amazing features that AIP offers.

What is it include?

Our Packages:

Intern Malaysia Program offers 3 different internship packages, which comprise of their own unique features and benefits. Each package has been designed to help make your international internship experience that much more enjoyable and meaningful.


Please see below the packages that we offer and which one best suits your needs