bnr new zealand

Intern Malaysia build your internship program in New Zealand based on detailed information provided by our host partners and conversation with you. All our internship programs are custom designed to meet your personal and very specific goals. With so many types of internships, we’re sure that we have something suitable for you. Check out the areas below and find examples of what to expect from your internship in New Zealand. As well as organising your internship we offer Support Services to assist with your stay in New Zealand.

● To build up a professional career path internationally

Getting the opportunity to do an internship in New Zealand will encourage you not only to get your foot on the doorstep of the professional world but will also diversify your skills from being academic to professional. Only the experience of the first-hand industry will really develop your teamwork and organizational skills.

● To explore new career opportunities

One of the benefits of an internship in New Zealand is that it will allow you to have insight into the field you are interested in, without necessarily making any long-term commitments.

● To build up an international network

Doing an Internship in New Zealand will introduce you to many other professionals in your field, not just for comparison but also for future career gains. One contact can be the difference between a decent job and a dream job.