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How to Pick the Right Internship Location for you

As the rush to apply for internships begins, you may find yourself torn between gaining valuable work experience to boost your resume and heading off to exciting, far flung places to explore the world while you can. If so, you’ll be pleased to know we have the perfect solution to this; intern overseas!

If you have decided to look for an internship abroad, the next step is deciding where. With a huge range of exciting destinations on offer, this is no easy feat. Luckily, the team at Intern Asia are here to help! Here are our tips on how to choose the perfect internship location for you.

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Consider your sector

The best location for your internship will likely depend on which sector you want to gain experience in. Some locations are better than others for specific industries. For example, there are more varied volunteering opportunities in less developed cities than there would be in Shanghai or Tokyo. If you are looking for finance or technology internships, however, these cities have a lot to offer thanks to a high presence of international companies.

There tends to be high demand for interns in major industries in most locations, so it’s important you do your research to find out where you will benefit from being the most. For example, Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang Province, is the new hub of technological advances in the Middle Kingdom. The city is home to both large companies like Alibaba (e-commerce) and a number of start-ups. So important is it now, that it’s become known across the industry as “China’s Silicon Valley”. So, if you’re looking to kickstart a career in the technology sector, this could well be the perfect destination for you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to gain experience in the hospitality industry, consider looking to places like the Japanese paradise island, Okinawa. Here, you can take part in internships in hotels, food services and sports companies and gain great experience of working in a busy tourist hotspot.

Choosing your internship location based on your chosen sector is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your experience and make your resume stand out.

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What do you wish to gain?

Another important factor to consider when choosing your internship location is what you hope to achieve from the experience. For example, if you wish to completely immerse yourself in the local language and culture, consider destinations like Okinawa, Hangzhou and Kathmandu. Though gaining in popularity, these places tend to attract fewer foreigners, giving you the chance to experience a more authentic way of life. You’ll find that fewer people speak English here than in large cities, providing ample opportunity to practice and improve your language skills.
If this is your first time abroad, or you wish to experience life in a modern-day Asian metropolis, big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo or Osaka could be right for you. People here are more likely to speak a better level of English, western amenities will be more accessible, and there will be a large expat community. Such destinations are perfect for anyone looking to experience a new culture with the comfort of being able to communicate in English and find familiar foods and products. Learning the local language is still possible in these cities thanks to companies like Hutong School and Zentern, that offer internship programs combined with language study, giving you the chance to experience a large city and receive a high standard of language training.

What do you want to do with your spare time?

Finally, think about what else an internship in a particular location can offer you. You won’t spend your entire time working, so what would you like to do with your evenings and weekends? If you are hoping to see certain sights and visit particular attractions during your free time, consider choosing an internship location that allows you to do this. For example, if you want to get to know the locals and explore an enchanting combination of authentic culture and beautiful scenery outside of work, Nepal could be for you. Or, if spending your weekends lounging on a beach, soaking up the sun sounds more appealing, places like Okinawa, Thailand or Vietnam might be your ideal destination.

Choosing the right internship location is never easy, so it’s important you do your research. Consider your goals, your interest in the culture and the specific sector to help you decide. Just remember; your internship location should combine a good balance between professional experience and everyday life activities.

Let us help you find the ideal internship overseas in Asia. Check out our programs here.

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