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Graduates from finance degrees in Australia are preparing to step into one of the most lucrative and fascinating fields open to modern professionals. Professionals in the finance industry must deploy a wide and varied range of techniques and show a great depth of understanding and acumen as they work to achieve the desired results for clients and employers.

Success in this field requires two primary attributes which must work in sync with one another. On the one hand, young professionals need to have a high level of academic knowledge under their belt, supported with the relevant industry qualifications. On the other, they must have real industry experience to draw upon and be able to demonstrate their prowess and aptitude in the field to future employers.

Accounting is often considered a rewarding and stable career with plenty of opportunities going around for everyone. This is true to an extent but the structure elements of the Australian economy and migration considerations means opportunities at the graduate level can be very competitive. Both domestic and international students are competing for a fixed number of market positions which makes work experience more important than ever.

Internships are a great way to learn and develop practical skills that are often not possible to acquire in a university or college environment. Premium Graduate Accounting Internships are structured practical learning opportunities that are designed to provide graduates and students an edge in the graduate employment market.

All Accounting internship programs (Vocational Placements) are offered along a nationally accredited training course which provides reflection and in-depth learning and development that enhances the overall experience.

By enrolling on a work integrated learning finance internship from Premium Graduate Placements.

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