Reasons to Partner with Us

Intern Malaysia conduct an initial interview with the every Intern, where they learn more about their goals and objectives of pursuing an internship. Whenever we have a candidate that matches your company profile and qualifications, we will contact you and provide you with additional information. You are able to set an actual interview with the intern and select the candidate that is the right fit for your organization.

We assured you within the short amount of time we have been operating, Intern Malaysia has been placing interns in global and domestic companies, startups and in all over destinations: Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia across all industry sectors. In each program destination, Intern Malaysia has extensive networks in business and the government.

At Intern Malaysia.com we are committed to creating the most prestigious experience, which will be mutually beneficial and valuable for both interns and host companies. As a partner with Intern Malaysia.com, you will be receiving motivated interns and will not have to worry about the hassle around the logistics. Intern Malaysia.com organizes all the logistic aspects including MIS visa documentation, accommodation, and airport pickup, as well as making sure that the interns are prepared through our comprehensive orientation.

The interns enjoy a comprehensive orientation upon arrival in which our team covers local business etiquette and cultural training. Our locally-based team are available 24 hours a day to assist with questions and concerns during the intern’s time abroad.

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Benefits for your Company

* Free of Charge: This service comes at no cost to you.
* Save Time and Money: Let us recruit talented, motivated and qualified interns.
* Business Training: We provide our interns with pre-internship orientation and professional development training.
* 10+ Year Track Record: Proven success at placing high quality student interns at organization worldwide.



Please begin your process of hiring the top intern with us by completing the application form.

We will match you with our first-class intern that match your company profile and requirements. You have full autonomy in the selection process